16 December, 2013

Forest Walk

Forest Walk 

A watercolor in my small black notebook

12 December, 2013

Holiday Cards




Ink and watercolor on Strathmore blank card stock

24 November, 2013

Made some little cards

Brush dabbles, while listening to reggae.  Quick, basic, and almost unintentional, while testing some paints and using up the last of the wrong sort of paper for watercoloring. Experimenting with adding text to images via Picasa 3.  The colors are more vibrant in the original.  These look sort of muted and washed out.

10 November, 2013

Recent Artwork


Bus Sketch

Green Jar


20 September, 2013

People, Things, Motion

Inspired by the paintings of artist Michel Rauscher in Voyage en terre humaine (Paris: Editions Hazan, 2004).