28 November, 2015

Postcard Art #3

Images inspired by other painters.
Ink and watercolor on Strathmore 140 lb. postcard stock

25 September, 2015

More Bark Art

Front side

Back side, ink and watercolor

Bird at the top

Girl at the bottom

5 faces, 1 pair of legs

A clown and a king in the middle

05 August, 2015

Bark Art

In its natural state - a piece of bark
blown off a tree out back
during a hail-spitting thunderstorm today

Same piece of bark -
reverse side, watercolored


Ink and watercolor in notebook

02 August, 2015

24 July, 2015

Friday Drawings

Various subjects, sketched and watercolored
on Strathmore 140 lb paper

19 July, 2015

13 July, 2015

23 June, 2015

Is it Wednesday Yet?

Watercolor on cardstock

The flowers are trying to escape,
while two apples nap.

Shadow searching for a subject